The Dendro Project

Dendro (from the greek word, δενδρο, for tree) is a suite of parallel algorithm for the discretization and solution of partial differential equations that require discretization of second-order elliptic operators. It supports trilinear finite element discretizations constructed using octees. The package comprises of four main modules: a templated parallel utilities module ('par'), a bottom-up octree generation and 2:1 balancing module ('oct'), a meshing module ('oda'), a geometric multiplicative multigrid module ('omg'). It supports the PETSc (Argonne National Laboratories) objects 'Mat' and 'Vec' and provides interfaces to PETSc's linear and non-linear solvers. Dendro can be best viewed as an extension of PETSc's DA and DMMG modules that supports octree discretizations. The package is written entirely in C++ using the Standard Template Library (STL) and the Message Passing standard, MPI .
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Highly scalable distributed sorting and selection library. The package implements BitonicSort, MergeSort, SampleSort and HykSort.
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Parallel fast multipole method  (FMM) for volume potentials based on the kernel independent FMM variant. Uses OpenMP, SSE, MPI, and integration with Intel Xeon Phi and NVIDIA GPUs.
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Parallel machine learning tools: nearest neighbors, kernel matrix approximations, high dimensional FMM
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